Dudley College University bid

A local workforce with the skills that advanced manufacturing and engineering businesses need is vital if we are to take advantage of the opportunities that the future holds.

Les Is committed to doing everything he can to help attract new businesses and jobs to our area, and making sure that local people are in a position to benefit from that investment.

Although the number of young people going to university has increased hugely over the past four decades, many businesses say that they are unable to find employees with the practical skills their business needs.

Conservatives have invested more in apprenticeships, with 370,260 people starting an apprenticeship in the West Midlands since 2010, and changes to make sure that apprentices gain practical experience instead of just a paper quali cation.

Local colleges like Dudley College have led the way. Working with local businesses, Dudley College is training apprentices in industries where the Black Country has traditional strengths, such as engineering, manufacturing, construction and automotives.

Now, Dudley College Principal Lowell Williams is proposing a link up between his college and major universities in the Midlands to provide advanced skills training in those industries.

This innovative plan would offer students the opportunity to go on to graduate-level technical training within Dudley.

Les fully supports this excellent initiative and will press Ministers to approve Dudley College’s bid for funding if he is elected on 8th June.